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Celtic Candy Quotes

Welcome to Celtic Candy Quotes.  This page will have new and current ramblings, quotes, motivational blips and  other Celtic Candy for your senses!  Life should be about the living of it...  All quotes and ramblings are copyright Kristin Olsen.


August 31st:  Pleas don't judge me unless u are me and have walked my path. I am critical enough of some of the things I have done. Believe me my own harsh judgement of my own actions is more than sufficient. I believe as well that each mistake, each challenge has brought me here right now and I wouldn't change that journey because it has made me me.


May 23rd:  Live, Laugh, Love, Cry - remember to always ponder the reasons why... We act and do the things we do... No regret, only lessons learned so don't you fret... Never forget to honor those in our lives oh so true.


May 22nd:  Keep those you love close, tell them daily you love them and that you are so honored to have them in your life.  You never know when the tides of life will change and you can only speak to them in prayer.


May 18th:  Be yourself, whoever that is because this person will be with you from the day your born to the day you die.  You have to love her/him because if you don't, you can't expect anyone else to either.  Be your best.


April 15th:  Not sure this is appropriate as a thought for the day, but I found it as I was putting together a new booklet of herbs and fun foods to make...


Yesterday collided with today

A momentous roar

A sad song

A pleasant thought

A painful memory

A smile eroded by bitter sadness parts my lips

Yesterday collided with today,

Today shows me a past of pain, anger, dominance, suffering

A small glimmer of hope, longing, possibilities

And hopefulness smashed before fulfillment can meet

Today shows me the future

A future without you

A future with peace, no chaos, no anger

No resentment, no dominance

The future is unfolding now

It waves goodbye to the past and teases

The future to explode in

Brilliant light and peace


February 26th Thought for the day:  What is St. Patrick's day?  What does it mean to you?  How do you celebrate and why?  Do you go to the local parade or shop the local craft vendors?  Do you drink green beer and hit the pub with your pals?  Whatever you do to celebrate St. Patrick's day, remember to be safe if you drink and don't drive.  Also remember this is day of celebration and joy and wearing weard hats and eating weird food.  Enjoy!


January 2014 Thought for the day:  Our Irish Blessing to you and yours... May your troubles be few.  May your joys be abundant.  May you drink a toast and share a boast with everyone you encounter along your path this year.  This is the year of pay it forward for us so stay tuned for our life coaching sessions that we will be offering at no charge in March or April!  Light and love on your path and peace to all who walk with you.


A short glimpse in the depths of an old soul on a uniquely gypsy path.  More to come in Celtic Candy Quotes:

Roses only last a fleeting moment, as does a child’s first step, a lover’s smile, a victory on the basketball court, walking down the aisle at graduation, and our children just being kids.  As the petals gently fall from the rose so does time pass.  It floats by so gently we don’t even notice.  One day we are chasing butterflies with our puppy in the green grass, the next our youngest child has graduated high school and moved out. 

Lifetimes of memories are made in the blink of an eye and the falling of a rose petal.  Savor the rose, its petals, thorns, stem and even the bugs that occasionally invade its space for it is life and it is the journey.  The destination is important and joyous upon arrival but only if the journey to that destination is actually lived to the fullest.  Stop and smell the roses along the path of your life.  Each petal is an ending and a beginning.  Life is always changing and evolving embraces it.


Thought for day:  Be specific about what you ask for...


A number of years ago I was testing the universe, magic, the power of intention and my own sense of self and miracles.  I asked the universe to provide me with $10,000 in 3 months.  Things were going quite well for the first month.  Then in November I was affected by Identity theft.


The took me for a lot of money, bank accounts and credit lines were affected.  After surviving almost two weeks with no money because all my accounts had beenput on hold, I was frustrated, angry and worried.  Not only did this affect me personally, but also it was my business livelihood and I couldn't buy product for the holiday season.


I was talking to a friend on the phone about the situation and she simply said "be careful what you wish and ask for".  Then as quickly as the money was taken, it was all put back into my accounts.  After looking it all over and crunching numbers, it was determined that they took almost $10,000 in assets.  Wow did I learn a lesson about being clear in my intentions.  I really wanted $10,000 in new money not my own taken away and given back!


The Wearin O the Green

Parades and festivities abound.

Wee ones and adults alike frolic around.

Shopping and Crafts and holiday faire

Line the city streets and rural routes everywhere.

After the parades and shopping end

And the sugar overload in our kids mend,

We send them to bed thinking of a St. Patrick’s Day dream

And we head to the pub for a shot of Jim Beam!

Or Jameson Irish Whisky for the Celtic Attic Team. Ó Kristin Olsen 2014